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Key Speaker, Cameahwait from Shoshoni descent delivers a heartfelt educational speech that will leave a deep impact on the audience. With over a decade of experience in the field he is certainly an expert in indigenous history.
Cameahwait has delivered inspiring talks all over the world by sharing stories and insights that help audiences gain a deeper understanding of the importance of exposing a long-suppressed story and the social impact. When on stage he mentors with passion, transporting you with the power of storytelling from the year 1492 to present time. With a unique blend of wisdom and thought-provoking ideas, our Key Speaker will leave you feeling motivated to embrace diversity and celebrate our shared humanity. 

Cameahwait shares a history for the world to hear and if you believe in the transformational power that events hold, Cameahwait is the right Key Speaker for you.

Join us in welcoming this incredible Key Speaker to your event!

About Cameahwait

Our Shoshoni Key Speaker, Cameahwait, is a notable figure in the field of educating people about the history and culture of indigenous peoples. As he comes from a long line of Shoshoni leaders and is recognized as an expert and specialist in Native American matters by the news agency (ANP).

Cameahwait’s speeches are powerful and moving, as he shares stories of resilience and survival in the face of colonization and oppression. Not only does he inspires audiences to learn from the past and work towards a future of understanding and respect for all cultures. Cameahwait  also is the story.

Key Speaker Session

The Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery Embark on a staggering voyage through time guided by Cameahwait. You will discover the essence of the Doctrine of Discovery. As you delve into the history of this concept, you’ll uncover the devastating impact it had on Indigenous peoples and their lands. You’ll come to understand how this doctrine was used to justify the forced removal and displacement of entire communities.

Through Cameahwait’s guidance, you’ll gain insight into the ongoing struggles faced by Indigenous communities in their fight for justice and sovereignty. Join this journey and gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding colonialism and its lasting effects.

Unlocking the key to understanding the doctrine of discovery

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Program maker Studium Generale TU Delft
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"Cameahwait is a storyteller. He makes a very strong plea for recognizing that genocide has been committed against the original inhabitants of the Americas. The knowledge and stories he shares are hard-hitting, but by feeling that pain yourself for a few hours, you also learn to understand it better. This is a history you need to know, and what a privilege to learn it from Cameahwait."
Co-founder of Mama Baranka Foundation International
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"The story of Cameahwait provides important factual insights from a First Nation perspective! The unnatural systems of colonization, dispossession, and slavery of the indigenous population of the Americas are directly connected to the Maangamizi(*). Cameahwait's dedication and strength in the composition of this lecture, combined with his passionately clear voice, make it possible for you to look at and listen to the painful facts of a silenced history. Being able to have sovereign discussion and dialogue will allow us to find the path to original solutions and actions. Knowing what happened in the past is a must."
Mapuche Pewenche and co-founder of Aralez.
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"This is a lecture, very painful and yet recognizable. It is essential to start from this perspective to understand the climate crisis in the context of colonization. The complexity is sometimes difficult to understand. Cameahwait talks about our history in the best way I have ever heard. The blood, the tears, the numbers, the data. The way he tells his story felt like he was telling my story. About the raid on stolen indigenous children. About land theft. The whole history... from a First Nation perspective. Cameahwait gave me the comfort to go on this journey together."
Director of the Dutch Center for Indigenous Peoples (NCIV)
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"Cameahwait lets you experience the history of the colonization of indigenous peoples of America in a compelling way. It is interesting that he takes life in Europe and in America in 1491 as a starting point with many surprising details. He sheds light on a dark history and convincingly shows that it exceeds the Holocaust of World War II in magnitude. It is astonishing that we know so little about this. Passionately, Cameahwait tries to change this."
Co-founder of Wasjikwa
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"The story that Cameahwait tells grips you by the throat. It is uncomfortable and full of painful facts. For the Indigenous population of the Americas, it is an essential piece of history that until now has remained unspoken."
Co-founder of We Promise
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"Cameahwait tells in a compelling and impactful way about colonization and displacement of Indigenous Peoples in Turtle Island, who are still being oppressed in today's world. The lecture is fundamental to understanding how Indigenous Peoples lived before 1492 and the consequences for humans, nature, and climate after 1492. Hearing the historical facts is painful but empowering. Spreading this knowledge is essential to strive for justice."
Program maker at Pakhuis de Zwijger and Co-founder of Aralez.
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"The lecture by Cameahwait reveals how a silenced history has unfolded on the continent of Abya Yala, a history that has deeply shaped the current world and determined the position of Indigenous Peoples today. This genocide should be basic knowledge, just as we all know what happened during World War II. This should not be a history that is forgotten. To date, I know of no one who has told it in such a strong and accessible way as he does in his lecture."